We are a team of young, passionate and dynamic professionals, we bulid on innovative and ergonomic interior design & architecture.

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Chahat Lawania

Chahat Lawania


A graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi in the department of Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories, his stint with the world of fashion and design started way before his college years!

His artistic vision dates back to his childhood, he grew up in a home that embraced art and craft while encouraging a curiosity to create.

To each project, Chahat brings a desire to celebrate living in concert with contrast. He encourages clients to take risks, holding on to what is precious, while introducing a more modern order of colours, textures and elements. What emerges are spaces that breathe life. True sanctuaries that stand as a representation of each client’s unique and timeless personality. He finds it extremely rewarding to take on the challenges of working with production companies, designers and individuals with different professional backgrounds and enjoys the way everyone can bring their own to the table to create new products and designs.




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What Are We About

We're a company that enjoys design as well as the entire process of design. The joy of creating spaces into places is immeasurable. We love what we do and so work for us has been a party. What better party to have than a design party. Not linking to the Indian political parties, we cater to the Earth and Beyond. We want to get to each and every space of the world and make it a beautiful place. From designing homes and offices here, maybe our next project takes us to Mars.


Indians have been practicing design since ages, and again in the post-modern times, we want to have our idea and aestheic make a difference. With design, we want to touch as many lives as possible. What we create is with the nature.


Our team understands that designing for interiors is the expression of self, and here with our teams experience we want to create the same for client. While we design for the client we also design for the earth, all our designs are higly in sync with nature.



We Meet

Clients share their vision. A consultation with us is as much an introduction to the desired work as it is a deep conversation about the living and lifestyle of our clients. You have to see to know, so our team will come out to your space, to understand its length and breadth. We prioritise aesthetics, need and functionality.


Initial Consultation

  1. A complimentary in-home/business/space consultation to evaluate your needs, scope of work and budget.
  2. Space Analysis: Understanding possibilities, discussing ideas and goals, functionality of area and offering general suggestions.
  3. Visual Dialogue: Review of photos to build rapport and mutually understand the desired aesthetic.
  4. Definition of the functionality, budget, scope and schedule of project.

Concept Reveal

After conceptulizing, we produce 3D concept views, of your home. The idea is to efficiently get you into the space.


Let the Hammers Fly

This is the nitty gritty. At this point a concept has been adopted and we are working directly with the contractors/in-house team to create the space you wish to live in. Structural changes to the home, material treatments, lighting changes, and other fundamental updates are implemented. The addition of furniture, decor, and any staging comes next. No detail is left unattended, the ultimate goal is for you to enter a home that is immediately ready for you to relax and revel in.


Project Management and Expert Co-ordination

We don't stop at project management. We make sure you are 100% happy with every detail! Project finalization includes finishing touches, art and accessories. After a project is finalized, there is the possibility of a photography and videography session of the space upon your approval.

If you're passionate and love doing what you do, write to us:

Available Opportunities:

Marketing (4-5 years experience)

Furniture Designer (4-5 years experience)

Architect (5-8 years experience)

Interior Designer (5-8 years experience)

Graphic Designer / App Developer (3-4 years experience)

Architect Interns

Interior Design Interns

Graphic Design Interns

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