Mumbai, India


10, 000 sq/ft


facelift / renovation 3d render floorplan 3d render

To design and renovate the old office according to the ideologies and create an open culture environment for the employees as per the revamped design guidelines.

The entrance, we highlighted it with just a red strip on a grey background with Victorian lights and plants along the entire alley. This connects us with the rich Victorian heritage of Bombay.

As we enter the central courtyard of the office, we picked up the shaadi circle and converted into a mirror. Every employee who would walk in the office is reflected in the mirror and become the part of the shaadi circle.

Inspired by the lack of green spaces in Mumbai, we decided to build our own green space which we call our wonder square. It aimed to be an off beat space from the regular office. The greens from here extend into the office's chill zone.

The chill zone, aimed at getting the outdoors indoors consists of natural textures like brick, wood and turf grass along with vertical garden walls. The area is to encourage social interactions and off-beat working environment.

From the chill zone one can look into the workstation area via a partition wall which is inspired by the structure of the DNA. Here in the threads show the connections made every minute at

The workstation area were opened up to show the expanse area which rather was blocked by closed cubicles before. The wall textures here are in continuation with the hexagon partition wall. How every hexagon fits into each other again shows connections.

As we go up the stairs onto the first floor a 36 foot lights installation hangs down from the top, in all the shaadi colors. This installation showcases how different colors in various shapes and sizes come together to be one.

On the first floor, the cabin area was opened up and the hexagon wall paneling has been continued from the second floor. This has been paired along with an all glass meeting room.

On the opposite side, where the old cafeteria once existed was opened up to give way to more open workstations. Here the inspiration was taken from the shaadi circle and same has been reflected on the wall with a fun play of circles. The circle in the ceiling here again showcase different colors of shaadi coming along so effortlessly. This area has been paired along with an all glass meeting room.

Going up to the second floor, the cabin was cleared off to create an open workstation area. We have also accommodated an extension of the chill zone to the second floor.

Annex - A typical corporate office with cabins on the side and workstations in the center was given a complete makeover by deconstructing all the cabins. Post which two primary colors of were used in ombre shades to uplift the area. The lights here in hexagons shows the connection element again.

We have followed multiple sustainable practices in our project : No new wood was cut, we have utlilised the workstation from the old office and have refurbished them for the version 2.0. All the planters have been constructed with reclaimed wood. No oil/harsh chemical based paints have been used.
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